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How I Was Right in 2007 But (Probably) Will Be Wrong in 2008
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I Guess this Might Upset me too….
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Here Snakey, Snakey, Snakey…….
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Another Spell Check Gone Wrong
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Free Gamecube
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First Letter ni Badidea Burr
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Nominal virgin offers advice on sex
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“Never Gonna Give You Up”
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Woodgrain applique
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ICANN Haz .ChzBrgr?
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Foot Soldiers
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[from kgs] BAD IDEA magazine
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Pegged Jeans - OMG.
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News from the magosphere 10th August 08
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I Like to Ride My Bicycle
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The 94th Carnival of the Godless!
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links for 2008-04-05
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Unethical Foreign Aid
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Low Ball Home Offers
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[from nelson] Xbox towel trick
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How to Find a Discount Rowing Machine
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