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Gartner: SOA Design Patterns
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AJAX Design Patterns
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JavaScript: The Module Pattern " Technophiliac
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Software development dogmata - good practices gone bad
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Smokin’ the decorator pattern with Groovy
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Visual Basic .NET Design Patterns
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Design Patterns Saved My Life
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Vishnu Gopal: links for 2008-04-30
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Visual Design Patterns
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Creating a File Explorer in WPF using MVC+M " C# Disciples
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Design Patterns are in Purgatory
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Design patterns
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SmartBar to AwesomeBar | edilee
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Community Night - Software Design Patterns
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What are Design Patterns?
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Manish Jethani " Blog Archive " How I do singletons in AS3
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Music and Design Patterns : So Jake Says:
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Yahoo Design patterns
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Design Patterns : Performance
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User Experience - Creating Design Patterns
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Design Patterns
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Design Patterns - Command Pattern
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Community Nights Session - Software Design Patterns
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