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Coming Soon, Online: The Dead Sea Scrolls
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GPO’s Digitization and Preservation Initiatives
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Digital Promise
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Digitized Books Now Available to McMaster Users
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Center for Economic Documents Digitization
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Digitize Books by Entering CAPTCHAs
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links for 2008-08-27
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OCLC pilots WorldCat Copyright Evidence Registry
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Architecting The Future - A thought for IT strategists
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Press Coverage - Some Links
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Digitize me! Please!
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Digitization at Utah Medical
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McGill U Library Scanning Rare Books with Kirtas
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New Center for Economic Documents Digitization
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A Question posed: Will Vaticanus ever be digitized?
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photo digitization
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At Syracuse: a Digitization Prestige Blog
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Tenn-Share DataFest and Fall Conference
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At Syracuse: a Digitization Prestige Blog
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British digitization project fails
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Digitization of Greek Codices and More
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The Dead Sea Scrolls are being Digitized
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The LHS to DC Watch, Cont’d.
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Columbia History on Flickr
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How I Found My Way to Libraries? Glad you asked.
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Digitization Noise in Astrophotography
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Mass Digitization: Introduction
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Computer users are digitizing books quickly and accurately with...
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Digitization Noise in Astrophotography
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The DoVE (Digitization of Vital Records) Project of the GRO in...
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Microsoft Exits the Mass Digitization Business
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Updating the Catalogue
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Mass Digitization of Books: Exit Microsoft, What Next?
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