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Retour de Bartelby
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Shepard Fairey Does Showtime’s Dexter
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Shepard Fairey’s Tyrant Boot Print
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Shepard Fairey is Passe
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TABlog EN: Street Art: Propping up the Corpse
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Indecision ‘08 Hearts Shepard Fairey Obama Art
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Fairey Dust on the Cover
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studio visit: shepard fairey
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Shepard Fairey: Busted!
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revok tyrants!
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RISD Does Denver
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Obey Busted! Fairey gets hauled in at the DNC.
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Shepard Fairey in London
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Shepard Fairey Sells Out (For Hope)
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Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Internet Rumor Mill
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Links for 2008-08-30 [del.icio.us]
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Shepard Fairey
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Manifest Hope Gallery
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ARTSPROJEKT x Zazzle Skateboards - Josh Spear, Trendspotting
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Rock your walls with a signed Shepard Fairey print
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Comment on Disguised by Julie Fairey
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Guerrilla/Viral Marketing
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Shepard Fairey Busted!
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The world has a crush on Shepard Fairey
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Hurry Come Pick Up Your Free Skin!
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Strange Bedfellows
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The Suffrage-Eve debate
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Bestival: The Fairey Band
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shepard fairey, serial killers, and showtime.
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Obama Campaign poster
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It’s everywhere: Shepard Fairey’s Obama-inspired “Hope”
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Tyrant Boot By Shepard Fairey (Update)
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Revista MegaFashion n:1
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OBEY x Kiks Tyo Tees
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