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digg releases official firefox extension
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NoScript Firefox extension: Cursory review
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SplinQ Shopping Firefox extension
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Firefox extension for hashr
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New Firefox Extension Gives Different Face to Google Services
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CLicK,Speak a speech reader Firefox extension
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Top 10 Tools and Firefox Addons For Digg - Friday Top Ten #1
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Book Burro (Firefox Extension)
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Vodpod Firefox Extension for WordPress
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Another Great Firefox Extension
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ReadItLater - a model FireFox Extension
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MMD WordPress FireFox Extension - know your hit count!
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3 Firefox Extensions That Make Tabbed Browsing Even Better
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Cool Firefox Extension: Read It Later
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links for 2007-11-02
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The Best Firefox Extensions: How Useful Are They?
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Play Video In Sidebar Using YouPlayer Firefox Extension
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SeoQuake Firefox Extension
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CustomizeGoogle- A great Firefox extension
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AideRSS GoogleReader Firefox extension
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Aviary – Updates and a Firefox Extension
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How to check with Javascript if a Firefox Add-on / Extension is...
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Zemanta Firefox Extension
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Release Recap: August Week 2
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Today, del.icio.us is resurrected
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X-Ray Firefox Extension Updated for Firefox 3
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A potentially dangerous new Firefox extension concept
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Amazing FIREFOX extension
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Wired-Marker -an useful Firefox extension
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Digg launches Firefox toolbar with live notifications
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Cool Firefox Extension: Read It Later
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The Killer Firefox Extension
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RIP- firefox extension
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Gnash as Auto-Updating Firefox Extension
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ReadItLater Firefox Extension
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