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23: take me home with you
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Ellen and Portia tie the knot
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Finally the Return of Lip Balm Holders
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Mail and Guardian letting it Slip (Knot)
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The Knot Goes Green at Villa Parker
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Ellen & Portia Tie the Knot
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The Time Has Finally Come
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My Own Bed
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Ellen and Portia tie the knot
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Olympic Gold
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Yarn, OLA, and My Usual Sunday Morning Conflict
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FO: Flutter
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It’s official, Ellen and Portia tie the knot
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Much has happened since last post
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today’s purchase - forget me knot ring
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Tying The Knot
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Comment on Venting: The Knot & The Nest by Elyse
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Genevieve and Steve tie the knot!
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Another fall
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Choosing Yarn: Quality
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Waste Knot Needlepoint Beginner’s Class
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Knot the Contest Work Needs a Juncture
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Knot Theory
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A Weaving Primer, Part 2
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Another Cotton Mesh Bag
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Renewing Vows Can Help Save A Marriage
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My Year in Lists
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Soprano Boss James Gandolfini ties the knot
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Walser’s World
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The Mild Ones
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It's just knot cricket
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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi tie the knot!
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The Pleasure Principle
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Squirrels Can’t Catch
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Sand Castling
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The Knot of Confusion
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Wry Knot
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