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The battle over OOXML
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OOXML (And Microsoft): In Memoriam
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links being 2007-08-03
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What consensus means
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Andy Updegrove on Appeals in the OOXML Standards Battle
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How in contemplation of subrent Guillaume Portes
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ISO/IEC quash the appeals against OOXML
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ODF Defeats OOXML!
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Daily Links 08/18/2008 (p.m.)
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ISO TMB Recommends Rejection of OOXML Appeals
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OOXML becomes ISO Standard
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A challenge for Chemists and OOXML
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Microsoft’s road to Canossa
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The (still) slow fast-track of OOXML
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As the ODF-OOXML world turns
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ISO says no to OOXML appeals
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Yet more webware where MS-OOXML is not welcome
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Is Microsoft Worried About the OOXML Appeal?
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You can follow any Brm exhaust to this entry through
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It’s official: OOXML is a standard
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100 Open Source Presentations From OSCon
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OpenXML: A decisive chapter on next Monday
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Suddenly, a flurry of OOXML-ODF related news
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Microsoft und Apache bringen OOXML in Apache POI
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ISO and IEC Reject OOXML Appeals
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ISO Rejects OOXML Protest Appeals
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OOXML Appeals Rejected
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OpenOffice OOXML integration
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Novell extends partnership with Microsoft
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OOXML is NOT a standard
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ISO says no to OOXML appeals
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ISO rejects latest OOXML appeals - Silicon.com
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Support South Africa’s appeal against OOXML!
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Microsoft file format gets ISO standard nod
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ISO Won’t Throw OOXML Out. Time to Throw ISO Out?
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ODF less work for M$ than OOXML. Hilarious.
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