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Swirly Sweden
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OpenStreetMap Foundation Elections
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OSM quality evaluation
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Geoblogger Meetup: Awesome
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Gernot’s Technology Watchlist
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S01E11 - Blowin’ In The Wind
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Housing data on your GPS device
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I Hate Dogs
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Shine " OpenStreetMap :: GravityStorm
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ESRI UC Summary
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Flickr uses OpenStreetMap
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Joseph Reeves: Cycle maps on the FreeRunner
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Pierre-Luc Beaudoin: Introducing libchamplain
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Introducing shomyu
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LS1: The (first) Leeds Web Festival
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Verifing Mapping Data
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openstreetmap for beijing
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Putting Rainford on the Map
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Flickr uses OpenStreetMap
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4 Years OpenStreetMap - Details & Interviews
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We’re on a road to everywhere
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