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Christians Say the Dumbest Things
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Leadership? Ha!
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What Pat Robertson Prophesied for 2007
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Does Religion Provide Comfort to those Suffering?
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pat’s predictions
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God and Man at Baton Rouge
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Don Imus faces stiff competition
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We All Scream for Global Warming Policy Changes
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Praying for Israel
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Review: Spenser Hughes: Lambda Conspiracy (1993)
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2008 Fearless Predictions Update
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Deconstructing Derri(da)
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Maturity or Madness?
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Giving to the Church
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Batshit insane PatRobertson
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Discrimination Against Atheists Continues
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How Rudy could win.
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Covering the bases, part 1
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Fearless Predictions for 2008
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Republicans Scramble For Last Drop Of OIL Before Armageddon
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Bushco begins to reap what it has sown
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Worst Preacher Ever: Crowder vs Robertson
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Why Does Baby Jesus Hate Iowa?
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The Knoxville Shooter, The Usual Suspects and the blame game
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Twenty Years Ago
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Pat Robertson on Climate Change | The Sub Standard
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Christians Say the Dumbest Things
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Discrimination Against Atheists Continues
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Friend or Foe?
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