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Polyphasic Sleep
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Spiritual Weight Loss II: the Abyss
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Polyphasic sleep- Uberman Sleep schedule
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Polyphasic Sleep Sucess and A New Beginning
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Trust Yourself, Not the Experts
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Non-equi-poly-phasic Sleeping…
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Facts about sleeping
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Polyphasic Sleep: Is it Healthy? Is it Possible?
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Assuming the position
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Still Polyphasic - but no structure!
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Polyphasic Sleeping - About
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Need polyphasic sleep help? Got $500?
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Polyphasic Chat Room
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Try polyphasic sleep
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Polyphasic Sleeping
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5 Things You Must Know About Sleep
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Going Polyphasic again
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Getting idle time in unix
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Polyphasic sleep 1
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Onward to Everyman (Polyphasic) Sleep
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Dymaxion Life: Polyphasic Sleep
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Polyphasic Oversleeper - Day 9
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Sleep Hacking
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Polyphasic Sleeping Weeks 2 and 3
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Some Links on Sleep, 5/14/08
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forget it
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Going Polyphasic again
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Gaining time: the search for the optimum sleep pattern
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"You Can Survive With 2 Hours of Sleep a Day!"
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Narcolepsy: THE requirement to be a successful CEO
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