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Edward Tufte is dull
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Edward Tufte and Saying More With Less
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Politics and Tufte’s Lie Factor
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Firefox 3.1: Control-Tab Woes
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Daily Diigo Links 08/28/2008
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Tufte-style LaTeX template
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Edward Tufte on the iPhone
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Rowing: Tufte defends single sculls gold
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Data Resolution
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How Not To Write A Headline
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Stephen Few’s Derivation of Tufte: The Data-Pixel Ratio
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Envisioning Information - Edward R. Tufte
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9 Tips from Edward Tufte
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Information Density and Edward Tufte
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Tufte takes second Olympic gold
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Brian Eno, Mr. Potato Head opera theater, etc.
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Edward Tufte’s Presenting Data and Information Course
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Course: Edward Tufte, Presenting Data and Information
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Links and Updates 2008-August-29
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Mint Style: Tufte
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Tufte from Norway wins Men’s Single Sculls gold
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Edward Tufte on the iPhone
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Just like in those old Tufte books
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Tufte for the Web
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Norways Olaf Tufte Wins Olympic Gold in The Single Sculls
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Tufte and the iPhone
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My Reflections From Tufte
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A Tufte kind of day.
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Excel Blackbelt: A Review of Chapters 1-5
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Tufte and the un-greatness of PowerPoint
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A New Hobby: Tufte Trolling
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